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15 Reusable Life Wipes
15 Reusable Life Wipes

15 Reusable Life Wipes

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No TP? No worries. I've got you sorted.

After the hysteria and panic buying, me and my family found ourselves on our last roll of toilet paper. Lucky for us (and now you) I'm handy with a sewing machine and have HEAPS of fabric.
So here we are - Reusable wipes.

These can be used in place of toilet paper, makeup wipes, baby wipes, LIFE WIPES.

All Fabric is comfortable for your bits. Tried and tested. Since making the swap on the 18th of March 2020 we have happy bums and don't want to buy toilet paper ever again. Toddler approved.

Each pack of 15 wipes will be different. Contact me if you have colour preferences.

2 ply
approx 12cm x 17cm 

cotton towelling or flannel made to order

"But how do you clean them..?"

Easy. Here are the guidelines as recommended by Clean Cloth Nappies, in my own words.

How to use them?
- Wipes can be stored dry or wet (although if wet change the wipes and water regularly) and then used. We keep ours in a stack on the toilet cistern, could be rolled around an empty toilet roll, or popped into a box within reach.

- Wipe yourself, wherever needed.

- place used wipe into a dry pail (fancy talk for bucket/container) after rinsing off large bits of poo.

- prewash (wash even if you haven't used them) 1-2 times per week at 40°C and wash used wipes at 60°C.

I wash with Napisan and a disinfectant Detol sanitiser. They come out clean, and smell good.⠀⠀
FAQs from this instagram post by Clean Cloth Nappies
• Do I need to rinse poo off before prewash? ⠀⠀
This is up to you, but solids poo in dry pails stinks, and poo chunks get stuck in filters. ⠀⠀
• Can I wet pail? ⠀⠀
This is a poor option for storage. If you must, you will need to add bleach, otherwise you are running a DIY bacteria factory.⠀⠀
See the Soiled Nappy Storage website⠀⠀
• Do I really need to prewash ALL wipes? ⠀⠀
This is probably not necessary for wee only wipes, but poo wipes should be prewashed unless they are being sanitised.⠀⠀
• What about visitors?⠀⠀
Most people who use family cloth say that this is not an issue, but they usually have a backup roll of toilet paper.