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Wrap Care


What to wrap

Wrap these beauties around fresh fruit and veg, cheese, bread or over a bowl of leftovers. To create a snack bag fold your wrap in half then fold and roll the side edges and top to hold nuts, berries, and trail mix. The snack bag is also a handy fridge organizer extraordinaire as it can be used to organize mushrooms, carrots, beans, and other loose produce together. Wrap a bundle of pencils, wrap fresh flowers, wrap up a deck of cards. You can wrap just about anything! Let your creativity run wild. They're great for kids' lunch boxes and picnics too. The first time you use your Wax On Wraps, give them a gentle scrunch in your warm hands to soften them and you're on your way. SIMPLE! There is no RIGHT or WRONG way to wrap.



How to wrap

- With the warmth of your hands, soften and mould your Wax On Wrap around your food & containers then gently squeeze in your hands and smooth over edges with your fingers to create a seal

- To clean your wraps use cool water and a mild, natural detergent when needed and air dry.

- Fold or roll to store. If cared for lovingly and depending on the usage they will last for 6 months (at least) however it is perfectly normal for the wax to soften and crack over time. To revitalize your wraps place them on a sheet of baking paper in direct sunlight to re-melt the wax, or "spot melt" them using a hairdryer. When your wraps are no longer wrapping effectively please do not throw them away. Find ways to give them another life by patching some clothing, turning them into finger puppets, using as stuffing for toys or pillows or pop them into your compost. They also make amazing fire starters.