We don't own the planet EARTH. We belong to it. We must share it with our wildlife - STEVE IRWIN

Hi! I'm Michelle


Here I am, in all my hummus eating glory (who doesn't love hummus, amiright!?) I know what you're thinking, how did I get started on my journey towards sustainability? What inspires me to keep creating and sharing with you? What is my hummus recipe, and what on earth is so god damn funny in this picture!?

All of these questions will be answered. Wink

Let me set the scene for you. It is December 2017. I'm 9 months pregnant with my second monkey, feeling excited to be a mother of two under 3, and wondering how I am going to build a life for my family that is healthy, wholesome, conscious and sustainable. Then my sister gifted myself, and my partner a pack of beeswax food wraps for Christmas. I'm one of those people that sometimes needs a teeny tiny bit of a push before I take the leap into something new, let's call it...cautious. They stayed in my pantry for three months... "I KNOW I should use them, but" was a common statement and in general I just had no idea how what or where I would use them. Another little push from another sister later and we're on a picnic, eating sandwiches out of our BEESWAX FOOD WRAPS! Long story short, I started using them everywhere and for everything straight away. Little did I know that these simple little bits of fabric and beeswax would take me down the rabbit hole!

One of my favourite places to be is markets. I love the music, food, energy, being outside and the general BUZZ of creatives sharing their gifts and offerings with the local community. I'll be honest, most markets I find myself getting welled up and full of pure joy. The decision to make beeswax wraps myself and sell them at the local markets was a no brainer. I get to work at the beach, people! No complaints over here.

So I have a small workshop set up in my home full of beeswax from a local beekeeper and fabric remnants sourced from local small businesses and charity shops. I'm continuously working on creating beautiful things to decorate our home and looking to make useful products for a sustainable life. This work that I do fills me with light and I'm so grateful for those who connect with me.

So you still want the recipe? I will be adding a food and lifestyle blog focused on recipes, parenting, living and creating in sustainable and enjoyable ways. Join my mailing list if you want to stay connected.

Oh, and what's so funny? It turns out I'm super awkward when in front of the camera...and I think I'm just hilarious. Does anyone else here laugh at their own jokes?